Blogging: Making LifeAwesome

Why am I blogging?

You might think it’s pretty old-school, but I’ve wanted to start blogging for a very long time.  I’ve made several past attempts, but it never really stuck.

It’s not that I lack the commitment or desire; I just feel that people deserve something fresh.  Something “awesome.”

By naming this website “Life Awesome,” I am setting the bar extremely high.  I’d like to think I’ll be producing the best, most compelling articles; written to inspire people, and help them live a happier, healthier and more complete life.

Unfortunately, this is a brand-new blog and I’m completely unknown to the universe.  My short articles will hopefully reach a few people, whom I hope will share it or possibly leave a comment.  I will share my articles over social media, but it will take years before this blog has a large following.

I’m also not giving up this time.  I am working to overcome my stupid reservations, writing for the pure enjoyment of writing.

The truth is, I’m a dad with two very busy young boys. I’m an outdoor enthusiast and a nerd. I work for an incredible Tech Learning company. My beautiful wife works from home as a freelance designer. Together, we juggle our house and family duties, while continuing to operate a creative services company on the side.  To top it off, we live in Utah.  The land of “Life Elevated.”  Our home sits at the base of the mountains, so living a healthy and active lifestyle is expected, if not mandatory.

Getting the balance right

So how am I going to find enough time to write articles for this blog?  I’m not going to think about it; I’m just going to do.  It’s not really about time at all.  It’s really about doing what’s right.  Writing is how we get outside of ourselves; It’s how we share good ideas, thoughts, feelings and reactions to things.  This blog will contain stories about my life, challenges I’ve overcome, and cool things I’ve discovered along the way.  I hope to connect with people and share a laugh.  Maybe, perhaps, something I share will give someone else the courage to reach beyond their boundaries and do something awesome.  Or, I might only brighten someone’s day.  Either way, I’m good with it.

Amidst the chaos of life, tiny nuggets of awesomeness appear.  Taking time to savor the small and simple things give us a better appreciation for the things that matters most.  Live Awesome, friends.

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