Can technology people speak human?

If technology is the great divide, what language is spoken on the other side?

Engineers and technology folks don’t typically exist within the center of a crowd.  But can you imagine a world without them?  They possess the amazing skill of solving complex technical challenges, and keep inventing new and better ways to solve them.   Unfortunately, a lot of what they talk about is congruent with the abstract concepts related to their field of expertise.  In other words, it’s all way over our heads.

Do you know anyone who can take highly complex ideas, break them down, and explain them in simple, human terms?

It’s challenging for technical people to come out of the cloud (pardon the pun) and explain technical things to non-technical people.  But imagine what would happen if we took some time and explained how everything works.

We are starting to see an awakening.  We can’t let technical barriers stand in the way of progress. Fresh, new ideas are ready to be discovered.

What can I do?

I happen to be a software engineer.  But I really want to teach people how to use technology in ways the help them live a better life.  So how am I different than any other Software Engineer?  Well, I am definitely not typical.

I earned my degree in Mass Communication, specializing in technology. Building social connections and meeting new people is something I’ve always excelled at.  I have worked with hundreds of businesses and business owners, helping them with their websites and technology troubles.  I have more than 20 years of experience in the technology field.

So basically, I’m an excellent communicator with computer skills.

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