Successful people do these ten things every day.

successful people

You could define being “Successful” as accomplishing any one thing.  You could successfully waste all of your time and accomplish nothing.  If your goal was to actually do nothing, you might consider yourself to be, very successful. However, I assume you aspire for greatness.  And that you believe successful people are known for achieving many things.  Your goals can be anything.  Money, political office, a stronger marriage.  These ten things will help you achieve a better balance in all aspects of your life, making it possible to be successful at anything you want.

1.   Successful people wake up before sunrise.

While scientists haven’t been able to figure out exactly how much sleep each person needs, they do suggest that the average adult should get at least 6 hours of sleep.  7-9 hours is best. And for whatever reason, sleep you get before midnight is more productive than the sleep you get after.  If you go to bed at 11, you will have already gotten 6 hours by 5:00 am.

Generally, people will wait until 8:00 am to start bidding for your time with phone calls, emails, water-cooler conversations, etc.  This provides a full 3 hours to get ready for your day.  This is a huge head start.  You will be allowed to focus on reaching your big goals.  As an added benefit, you’ll also be ready to go fall asleep earlier at night. This makes the whole process easier.

2.   Successful people meditate.

Life is loud.  Everywhere you turn, things are competing for your attention and brain-space.  Allowing yourself some time to escape chaos will enhance your overall productivity.  It will increase your self-awareness and help you gain a sense of inner-peace.

Giving yourself just ten minutes a day should be enough to clear your mind and re-sync your body and spirit.

3.   Successful people unplug from technology.

Our world has becoming intertwined with technology.  Almost everything we do leaves a digital footprint. According to a study by by Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, the average user checks their phone nearly 150 times every day. Our phones have become so much more to us than just phones.  They are our access points to almost any piece of information,  and they literally keep track of your every step.  With technology, we are measured, tracked, catalogued and paired up with others.

As humans, we must realize that we are not dependent on technology for our survival and happiness. No matter how cool a gadget may seem, it will never be good enough to replace any of our basic human needs. Put down that mobile device, VR headset, and gaming controller.  Spend some time with the organic world that still exists.  Be outside and enjoy being alive!   While digital transmitters and receivers are flinging data all around us through all sorts of radio frequencies, we can still control when, where and how we access it.

4.   Successful people write in a journal, diary or blog.

Ongoing research has concluded that our brains are processing anywhere between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day.  Many of those thoughts are negative, others are repetitive.  A portion of these thoughts are new ideas and feelings that quickly expire unless they are documented somehow.  Writing down your most important ideas and feelings in a journal of some type will allow you to reflect on them later.   If you want to publicize your thoughts with the world, you might consider writing a personal blog.  Posting to social media does not typically qualify as thoughtful reflection.  You need a place to dump your thoughts without immediate feedback or criticism.

If you choose to blog, keep a notebook or journal with you at all times.  You will want to document your ideas so you can blog about them later.

5.  Successful people exercise

Have you ever heard the term “use it or lose it?”  I believe the person who coined the phrase was referring to talents, but this most certainly applies to your body as well.  Our bodies are intended to move and fight resistance.  The stronger your muscles, the more power you have to fight resistance.  If you don’t exercise, you’ll lose muscle mass and also your strength to move effectively.

If you spend just 30 minutes exercising enough to sweat, you will lose fat and build muscle.  A new study shows that 30 minutes of exercise is in many cases more beneficial than a full 60-minute workout.  Exercise clears the mind and oxygenates the brain.  Exercising in the morning will help you wake up and prevent you from feeling sluggish throughout the day.

6.  Successful people say “NO”

People are successful when they don’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of getting what they want.  The biggest opportunities are missed when you people say “yes” to the wrong things.  How you spend your time might be good, but is it great?  Are you just keeping busy, or is your every action calculated and designed to get you closer to your goal?

If nice guys finish last, it’s because they are too busy filling everyone else’s demands.  It’s great to be a generous and giving person.  But give in a way that doesn’t interfere with your own objectives.  You can also provide conditions.  “Yes, I’d be happy to help you. But I need your help with…”

Don’t forget, your capacity to help others is expanded when you are also successful in reaching your goals. Whether it be money or time, you will have plenty of both if you are successful.

7.  Successful people review your personal mission daily

While pursuing your goals, it’s common for people to lose focus and become distracted with less important things.  When this happens, a simple reminder of your purpose can correct your course and renew your commitment.

Highly successful people know exactly what their mission is. Their mission is their purpose in life and reason for being.  They have programmed themselves to accomplish exactly what they want to achieve.  And they will not stop until they have.

Outlining your personal objectives is the first step to making them happen.  Reviewing them daily will give cement your resolve and give you the drive necessary to persist even when it gets hard.

8.  Successful people avoid watching televised news

Every major television network competes for its viewers.  TV ratings are based on how many viewers are watching watching a program on each network. Programs with high percentages of viewers score the high ratings.  What does this have to do with the content that is broadcasted?  Everything.  News companies want to show the content that draws the highest number of viewers possible.  Rollover car accidents, armed-robberies and terrorist attacks are much more newsworthy than most positive news stories.   Therefore, all the catastrophes and breaking news stories get the air time.

Its simple to keep up with current events without getting in the habit of consuming regular news-hour broadcasts.  Reading stories from other sources might help filter out some bias and slanted perspectives.  But most importantly, you avoid the barrage of obtrusive advertising and negative broadcasting.

9.  Successful people read

Aside from the obvious learning benefits, reading does more for your personal development than you might realize.  Engaged reading lights up the mind and activates all major areas of the brain.  Sensory and motor functions can even be activated, almost as if you are experiencing what you are reading in first-person.  This high-level brain engagement provides you with significant power-ups that contribute a great deal to making you successful.  People who read enjoy the following benefits:

  • Mental stimulation
  • Stress reduction
  • Increase knowledge
  • Vocabulary expansion
  • Memory improvement
  • Sharper analytical thinking skills
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Improved writing skills

Additionally, people who read enjoy more tranquility and relaxation than others who don’t.  Reading is an enjoyable and calming activity. Good reading habits also promote stimulating and interesting conversations with others.

10.  Successful people go to bed early.

As stated earlier, sleep you get early on is the most productive.  Your early sleep hours are when you’re most likely to enter the REM cycle, and it’s when your body can do most of restorative work.  You need at least 6 hours of sleep, so why not take care of that in a way that sets you up for an excellent day tomorrow?  If you master an early bedtime routine, everything else on this list becomes much easier to do.

Mastery of good habits brings success in all areas of you life.  Learning to conquer challenges starts with good habits like those outlined here.  Life is awesome, so make the most of it!



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